Nice Days

This morning and yesterday morning I called about the telemetry position. No answer yet.

Today I went to the cooperage. I spent most of the day refinishing furniture. I also helped The Cooper put the rest of the hoops on a hot tub.

I ran into my cousins on the way home and we had pizza.

I got an email from Fred Meyer for a phone interview. I’ll be calling them in the morning ­čÖé If I get that job with enough hours to cover rent and groceries I’ll be happy. Having just enough hours to cover my basic expenses might actually be ideal since it will be easier to focus on other things, such as training and business plans.

I recently finished reading a book,The Nordic Theory of Everything by Anu Partanen. Anu presents the Nordic Theory of Love and compares various government policies in the U. S. and the Nordic countries. The Nordic Theory of Love is the idea that when people are able to operate independently, they have the greatest tendency to create and maintain relationships with people they love and do the work they love. The Nordic countries have created government policies that help people to be independent by allowing them to depend on the state in times of need instead of being tied up in codependent relationships with . I had to save a few quotes from this book.

“I still thought of children’s well-being as everyone’s benefit, and their poverty or unhappiness as everyone’s problem.” This is a beautiful concept.

“Although the reason for this may seem counterintuitive, it’s exactly because Nordic societies do not subsidize marriage and the joint enterprise of a family that the family become stronger.” See the brief explanation above of the Nordic Theory of Love.

“. . . in the United States more than half of fast-food workers rely on some form of public assistance to get by, meaning that American taxpayers are actually subsidizing the fast-food industry. . .” Why is it that U. S.┬ácitizens are willing to accept policies that give all the largest businesses in this country more help than the average citizen gets? Raising the minimum wage would not be an economic disaster.

“Are you free when you’re a rugged cowboy, alone on the prairie, with noone asking anything of you and noone giving anything to you? Or is it when you are a homesteader, off the grid, growing your own food, and relying on your family and neighbors when you need help? Or is it when you know you can become whatever you want and make your own choices regardless of your parents’ wealth or abilities, and when you can rest assured that should you or your family falter, your society will be there to keep you on your feet?”┬áMad respect for the cowboys and homesteaders out there. If they’re not a part of the system to begin with, I’m sure they won’t mind us changing it…



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