What Will Be

I called about the telemetry position again Friday morning and left a message. Then I did some cleaning around the house and made some food. I made burritos with queso fresco (from Costco, it’s like mozzarella), tomatoes, kale and hummus.

I met my partner before going to my meeting for discussion behavioral health careers on Friday afternoon. I’m glad I met with my partner and the meeting afterward went well. My friend works with someone who has been in that field for a while now. We went over what entry level positions are available with my bachelor’s that’s not in psychology. Mental Health Worker is the position I already applied to, and today I got a couple more ideas. I also talked about becoming a chaplain in the military and it was suggested that I work with veterans. I tend to get worried thinking about working with veterans because my time in the military was relatively tame and some of the folks I know had pretty messed up experiences and I feel like I can’t properly understand those experiences. Later this evening I talked about it with a friend of mine and I realized that I don’t have to be able to relate directly to every experience in order to help someone get through their experience. I can form a healthy space for people to express themselves and that can be enough.

I’ve been struggling a bit between focusing on work with animals and work with people. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to pick one, that I can find or create work in both realms simultaneously. I’m getting more motivated to pursue the psychology degree. However, I figured out the requirements for the Master’s in Psychology and I haven’t taken four of the required undergraduate courses. These are probably the core major courses for the Bachelor’s in Psychology and I’m thinking I need to hurry up and register if I expect to get into all of those classes this fall. I could potentially get them all completed in one semester and switch over to the Master’s program. So I ought to make up my mind on that one soon.

Friday evening I hung out with a couple friends who I’ve known for a while but I got to know them a lot better. I also made a new friend when they introduced me to a neighbor. We went for a nice walk with a bunch of dogs. We had an encounter with a pretty nice guy who was addicted to meth. Didn’t think those types were out there. I like to think of myself as open minded but I guess I’m pretty judgmental sometimes.

Yesterday and on Friday I studied web development. I completed the chapter on HTML Forms. Yesterday evening I went to a party for with the Philosophy department for the recent graduates. That was really nice to catch up with my former professors and colleagues.

Today I got to hang out with a couple old friends. One of them has a family now and I finally got to meet them. They had some ideas for me about different organizations and counseling positions I can try to get into.

This evening my partner and I went to the university to see Music Without Borders, featuring Moscow Nights. That show was a lot of fun! After the show I met some people working in the medical field and they had some ideas for me about more hospital positions I can try.

This evening I cooked Lebanese Bulgar and a Tofurky Feast. The bulgar came out quite tasty. Surprisingly, so did the Tofurky! I’ve had a number of Tofurky products over the last few years and I’ve never enjoyed any of them before but I thought this one tasted good.

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