Slowing Down Sometimes

Yesterday and on Sunday I applied at two Fred Meyer’s as a Retail Associate. It’s not my dream job but I need something to pay the bills. I know a former manager there, hopefully I can land a part time job there soon.

Sunday I had a wonderful Easter celebration. Some wonderful friends arranged an egg hunt. The eggs were easy to find but inside each one was a physical activity ranging from eye blinking to somersaults. After all the eggs were gone we counted up how many eggs we each did and then we got prizes. It was fun and I’m lucky to have these great friends.

Yesterday morning I visited a friend in the hospital. They went into surgery this afternoon to put in a biventricular pacemaker. Before inserting the pacemaker, an internal defibrillator needs to be removed. After many hours in pre-op, my friend got the surgery rescheduled for this afternoon.

While at the hospital, my friend asked the head nurse about finding me a job and I was referred to an open position, similar to Telemetry Technician but also involving video and audio monitoring, and not just EKGs. That should be interesting. I applied for that yesterday.

Yesterday evening was great. My partner and I hung out with our friends who are leaving soon. It was a nice time and although we will miss them, now we have another reason to go to Hawaii! We will get to visit them 🙂

This afternoon I submitted an application to be a Petco Apprentice Dog Trainer. I don’t know if I can actually work for them. It’s a huge company and they obviously put business concerns ahead of the ethical. I got really excited when I saw an opening for dog training and I just went for it. A little later I got to thinking that since it’s on the poor side of town, maybe I can do a lot of good by showing some people who might not otherwise know, how effective positive reinforcement can be in training animals. That sounds a little too patronizing… I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. There are at least two dogs right here on my block badly in need of some training—for their owners 😀 Maybe if I want to help someone I should start in my neighborhood. I need to start talking to them. I could start with asking them if I can walk their dogs go from there. Might be able to make a few bucks too!

This afternoon I tried working on our dryer. It’s begun intermittently failing to dry items. I took some of the covers off, zapped myself a little bit(man I hate that) and vacuumed the circuit boards. It seems to be working again but I’m not sure for how long. I may need to clear the exhaust hose. It the exhaust is clogged, it may be overheating and shutting off the heater. I’m kinda shootin in the dark though, I’ve never worked on a dryer before.

I worked on the web development course a little bit this evening. Still super basic but I’m learning it more thoroughly, which is always good.

I went to a presentation on pets this evening. It was nice to hear an animal rights advocate with a background in philosophy and ethics express their views on the utility of pets. I am using the term that includes things like loving and/or caring relationships as increasing utility. The view was presented that (mere) pets that didn’t share a significant social relationship with their caretakers could nonetheless be in a situation where the pet and the caretaker being together increased the welfare of each. That a pet that is capable of sharing a social relationship with it’s caretaker could be in a situation in which the welfare of the pet and caretaker were more greatly increased than those pets not capable of significant social relationships with their caretakers. And that pets who formed a working relationship with their caretakers could be in a situation in which the welfare of each were the most greatly increased. A poignant observation from an audience member was that “mere” pets could actually enrich the lives of humans even more greatly as a training aid in learning responsibilities that are also involved in caring for those pets that are capable of more intricate relationships. One audience member spoke about a concern over caring for parrots that had been rescued. The parrot caretaker wanted to take the parrots outside in order to provide the parrots better life experience, however, there was concern over these public appearances inspiring more people to be parrot owners and thus leading to more situations where parrots need to be rescued. This was a wonderful presentation and I’m glad I was there.

I met several of my former professors at the presentation. After talking about my job hunting a little bit, I was advised to try getting a job in IT. Not a bad idea. I also was advised to start a business. Another good idea. There was also a brief discussion of making a business with philosophy. Great idea! I hope to get together again soon and discuss that idea further.

I saw my friend in the hospital again this evening. The surgery was successful!


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