Opportunity and Waiting

This morning I called the hospital where I did my EKG test. I’m still waiting to hear if they have a job there.

Then I went to the university dental clinic for a cleaning. The hygienist was wonderful and it was about as pleasant as I could imagine. I spent most of my life practicing poor dental hygiene and in the last five years or so I’ve started paying for it. Though I am lucky enough to have strong teeth so it hasn’t been all bad.

I spent a little while at the library on campus working on the web developer course. I finished a chapter on a set of basic HTML tags.

I visited my friend in the hospital again today. Everything is still going well.

I went to a presentation on an examination of certain psychedelics as therapeutic medicine. Scientific, government sanctioned studies have been conducted with psilocybin that suggest this drug can be used in conjunction with therapy to effectively relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Other studies suggest that DMT, again when combined with therapy and administered in a controlled manner, significantly relieve negative symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There are also studies (in my experience, anecdotal and common sense) that conclude these drugs are very low risk for addiction and other negative side effects. This is in contrast with prescription drugs made for managing these mental illnesses that are quite risky by comparison and shown by pharmaceutical companies’ own studies to only just barely be effective. These drugs are also in contrast with certain ubiquitous psychoactives such as alcohol, which definitively damage and kill people constantly. Our current laws could use some sensical changes in order to promote regulated, medicinal use of certain substances which have been pretty much demonized, basically since the expansion of Europe into the Western Hemisphere. No one should take my word for it. Anyone can find plenty of contemporary material that continues to demonize these valuable medicines. However, we live in a wonderful time where carefully conducted research is finally coming to validate practices that have been helping people since ancient times.

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