Yesterday I forgot to add that I went through a bunch of old photos. I found a collection of photos from my parents take during the first four years of my life. It was really a trip seeing those photos. Young versions of me, my parents, my brother, my cousins, my aunts, grandparents and great-grandparents.

This morning I worked through some of the Interactive Web Developer course that I got last week. I completed the Web Foundations course and the first chapter of the HTML Basics course. The lessons are good but a little slow paced for me but I knew that going in. Before starting the IWD course I had already completed courses in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP on Codecademy. Most of Codecademy’s lessons are free and you can learn a lot. I have noticed that some of the lessons at Codecademy are a little buggy but if you stick with it you will figure it out and learn how to program and create webpages. I knew before buying the IWD course that I had already learned a lot of the same material from Codecademy. There were some specific projects like creating logins and shopping carts in php that made me want to buy it anyway. I . If you’re good at self-teaching computer stuff, you probably want to check out Codecademy,, and Khan Academy. These all have great programming lessons for free! Still I would check out Stefan’s site even if you don’t want to buy anything. He has some great free resources.

I did a little more investigating on that psychology program. As it turns out, APU is really expensive!!! Well, it’s probably not that expensive, but it’s more than I’d like to pay. So maybe I will go to University of Alaska Anchorage. A degree there is much more affordable. UAA is a little hectic right now so I need to think about this some more.

I tore apart one of the pallets that my partner has been bringing home. A few of the board had mold so I those off, they will be firewood soon. The rest of the pallets will eventually be converted into a couch. I’m still not sure what design we want to go with. When my partner first suggested the idea I thought of completely dismantling each pallet, then refinishing each board and going from there. That’s still an option but I’m trying to decide if I can get away with leaving parts of the pallets intact and still having a decent piece of furniture.

This evening I did three more chapters of the beginners HTML course. It’s still pretty basic stuff. This course seems good for people who have no experience with programming or web development. One nice thing for me is that the videos can be sped up. Stefan normally talks slowly in his lesson videos so speeding them up works really well since everything so far is a review for me.

I did a little bit of job searching today. I want to do some applications tomorrow.

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