Where to Go

I worked with The Cooper this morning. Sometimes I call it a carpentry gig but really I’ve been working with The Cooper on and off for about six years now. My uncle, The Cooper, runs a workshop building coopered saunas, hot tubs and fine coopered barrels of various other applications. The Cooper makes barrels and other assorted wood crafts. It has nothing to do with any of the rather hilarious definitions on Urban Dictionary. I really need to show these to The Cooper… Anyway, we did the final planing on most of the staves for the new sauna.

I listened to some inspiring quotes from Elon Musk.

I thought about the next step. The Telemetry Technician job doesn’t seem all that promising at the moment. I need to start getting some income. I don’t want to double down on that job. Telemetry is cool but I don’t want to be risking homelessness just to do it (I’m pretty lucky to have such a great family that homelessness is not really a threat but still, not providing for myself is not something I want to experience at this point in my life).

I thought about becoming a Chaplain in the Armed Forces. I have a military background and being a Chaplain is about the only that could get me back there. The Harvard Divinity School actually has a Master of Divinity program that does not require a declaration of faith. THAT IS SO COOL!!! I didn’t think that existed! There might even be other schools out there with similar programs! Because Harvard is so expensive and I have no idea how I could ever attend there!

I thought about being a helicopter pilot with the Coast Guard. Or a ship captain. That would be cool too. I’ve only flown fixed wing aircraft (a couple times…) so far, so I would need to go through tons of highly competitive training. But helicopters are amazing and it’s something I’ve dreamed about since I was a teenager.

I thought about being a Counselor. Alaska Pacific University has a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship. This seems like an ideal combination. I’m not particularly skilled at counseling but I am skilled at listening and I think with the right education I could do a lot of good for my community as a Counselor.

My business idea about dog boarding could still happen with any of these. I can be putting together a business plan alongside pursuit of any of these other options. My idea about training and working as a Vet Tech is still desirable, however, now I am weighing the benefits of providing animals the care they deserve in the capacity of a Vet Tech versus providing people the care they deserve in the capacity of a Counselor. In the medical sense, I’d rather work with animals. But in a purely psychological sense, it’s a bit of a toss up, so this choice is very difficult for me. Another thing to consider is that if I get more education in psychology, I’ll probably have an easier time figuring myself out a little better. My first big idea about work can still happen. I don’t need to go through the military or Coast Guard to become a Pilot. I can do it on my own. That kinda leaves the best option as pursuing the psychology degree and entrepreneur certification. I will have to think about this more but I think I’m starting to develop yet another plan.

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