Feelin’ It

This morning I woke up with my eye stuck shut. Today I have a moderate throat infection and eye infection. I kinda felt it coming on last night but I was still hoping that wouldn’t happen. My partner thinks my physical biorhythm is low. According to the online calendar I used, yesterday I was at 0% physical capacity. I still got out of bed on schedule and called up the boss. The carpentry gig is usually intense enough to keep me from touching my face and I offered to work today. They said no.

So I got a lot of studying done. I’ve almost completed two entire textbooks on EKG interpretation. My test is only two days away. Feelin’ pretty good ’bout it. I’m almost ready.

I’m still waiting for another call back about the interview at the doggie daycare. I forgot to mention yesterday that I got a voicemail asking for an interview. I called right back and left a voicemail with my availability for the week. I didn’t hear back today and this evening I called and left another voicemail. The suspense is killing me!!! Why wouldn’t they call me back today?!?!? I don’t understand!!!!! Normally I wouldn’t worry all that much and I’d just keep focusing on new job opportunities. But I’m really excited about this one! I hope I hear back tomorrow.

I looked for jobs a little bit. I thought more about being a vet tech. My partner is okay with me moving closer to the school to complete the program. It’s only 21 credits. I could finish that in two semesters no problem. I although thought about getting a degree in Animal Behavior. A degree like that would be useful for dog training and dog training consulting. I like working with dogs. I think I could make more of a positive impact if I also focused on convincing people to use positive reinforcement training. My local university doesn’t have a program on animal behavior, but it does have a psychology program with an emphasis on behavioral analysis, although the focus is on human behavior. Even so, with that education as a dog training consultant I could probably be effective at pointing out how badly positive punishment works out most animals. Or I could find a school that has the actual program I want. I also looked at what it takes for training service dogs. It’s a lot of work! The most impressive training I’ve accomplished is probably either a solid “leave it” or a nice game of fetch. I started having dreams of opening a dog handling center where people can come be around therapy dogs, learn dog training, board their dog or have doggie daycare. If I don’t land that dog handler job I might try to set a date with the owners to ask for business advice 🙂 I really hope I get the job though and I can just do that anyway!

I also did some organizing. Both on my computer and my physical stuff. Both areas still have a ways to go but I made some progress.

I cooked garbanzo beans tonight. I just boiled them with some carrots. When it cools down, some will go into the freezer and some will probably go straight into lunch.

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