Carpentry and Relationships

Yesterday I worked all day at my carpentry gig. The first task was firing the wood-stove for the hot tub. Pretty simple. I actually ended up getting the water a little too hot… Next was planing boards for the next sauna. That took most of the day. A little bit of time was spent cleaning up the shop and moving stuff around.

Yesterday evening I had some difficult discussion. My partner wants to have more freedom and says that I am holding them back. I don’t want to be in a relationship that operates like that. My partner doesn’t want to separate. I wasn’t ok with how the discussion was progressing(or not progressing) so I decided to take some space. I didn’t spend the night with my partner. Even though we live together, I still have my own bedroom. Sometimes I just need a space in my home where I can go and ask to be left alone in. I love my partner but sometimes I just do not know what I want and being able to step away without having to leave my home is a really nice feature of this decision I made to always have my own room. Anyway we talked again in the morning and made a little progress. Commitments were made towards self-recognition and growth. As long as there is progress away from fear-based decision making, I am satisfied in the relationship. The rest of the day was pretty good. My partner has some personal issues that I think are a problem. The idea of me being coercive was brought up again because of my attitude of dissatisfaction about particular decisions being made. I don’t expect to approve of everything my partner does and I’m okay with that. My partner has some trouble with self-confidence in those situations. I’m trying to be supportive.

The rest of the day was pretty good. This morning I did parkour all over downtown with my friend. I wasn’t able to do a whole lot but we had fun. It was really nice just walking around outside for a while. Spring is right around the corner! I studied for my upcoming test on EKG interpretation and helped my partner study biology. After spending half the afternoon and evening on campus studying we went to meet some great friends for bowling and beer. Then we went out for some good food. It was a good day.

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