Recovering Health

I feel a lot better today. Yesterday when I woke up I felt nauseous and weak, like I had a fever. Also like the back of my throat was coated in sand. This morning I felt slightly congested but overall much better. I tried to keep my eating moderate yesterday(with moderate success) and I drank probably 4-5 gallons of tea. I think all that helped. But even though I feel a lot better, I decided to take a rest day and I called in sick for my current carpentry gig. Hefting around heavy pieces of wood and hardware while breathing in sawdust just did not seem like a good idea today.

This morning I finally scheduled my EKG interpretation test at the hospital for next Thursday. After 10 weeks of studying I almost feel ready for this test. Over the next week I will be focusing pretty intensely on studying for that test. I called HR and my application from Tuesday has made it to the hiring manager so I think once I pass that test I will land the job. It’s an on-call position so my hours may be chaotic for awhile but anything that puts a dent in my cash-flow deficit will be helpful for my financial and mental wellbeing. I’m hoping that between the Security Officer position (on on-call), Telemetry Tech and one or two more part time jobs I’ll be able to start saving money again.

Speaking of jobs, I stopped by the doggie daycare today and talked to one of the employees. They seemed really nice. None of the owners were there but they took my name down and hopefully I made a good impression. I didn’t get to tour the place, which is what I was looking forward to. They said visitors are too disruptive. I can understand that. I’m guessing most of those dogs are in there because they do stuff like going insane whenever guests show up at their homes. Hopefully I’ll get to tour the place soon though! About four or five years ago I was living next to a horse stables. I had this idea to rent one of the barns and run a doggie daycare operation of my own. I ended up just continuing college. I didn’t have the energy to try to do school full-time and open a business. It would be great if I could work there and see what it takes to operate the business. The person I talked to there said there were many applicants for the new positions. I’m guessing at least a few of the applicants have professional dog handling experience, making my chances at even getting an interview pretty slim. However, it’s possible that they might have the wrong experience, like me in my early days of training. There’s only one person I’ve ever come across that could manage a group of dogs with the discipline method. Relying on discipline is not the most effective method of behavioral modification for the average person and in my opinion, potentially quite dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Cesar. I know he’s done great things. He’s certainly helped a lot of dogs. But there are other easier, more effective training methods out there.

I starting my experience in affiliate marketing just now! BTW, make sure you agree to Amazon’s Privacy Policy before clicking on that link above. Basically they track your web activity with cookies in order to improve their marketing strategies and they also share some or all of this information with their affiliates. You’ve been warned. Don’t freak out, chances are if you’ve bought something on the internet from anyone, ever, you’ve already “agreed” to this sort of tracking. Well, maybe you should freak out. I don’t know, it seems reasonable to me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about but you know you don’t like it, you might want to clear your cookies.

This evening I made a delicious tomato sauce by sauteing garlic and onion and mixing in mushrooms, tomatoes, black beans, coconut cream, and basil. It turned out great and goes with the buckwheat I cooked.



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