Taking the Opportunity

Today was at least a little bit more productive than yesterday. This morning I finished studying the basics of 12 lead interpretation. I still need to call the HR department to figure out if they entered my Telemetry Tech application into their system yet. And I need to reach out to my contacts at the hospital to get the testing process started and show them I am serious about this job. Speaking of serious, I had some serious moments today.

I had relationship counseling with my fabulous partner. That went pretty well. As usual I got to listen to a bunch of complaints that made me feel unappreciated but it was interspersed with moments of sincere gratitude, which made it bearable. I’m getting used to not letting what I consider extreme exaggeration bother me too much. I also got a better handle on other ways I want to be conducting myself(that just so happen to align with what my partner wants 😀 ).

A college called me today, my FAFSA went through. I applied with several colleges. The one I really wanted hasn’t contacted me yet. It does licensing for Massage Therapy but is really expensive and I haven’t heard from them yet and I definitely need some financial aid to go through. The school that contacted me today has welding, business administration, medical assisting and various IT specialties. Welding is cool, I don’t know if I want to do that forever but it would be cool to do for awhile. Business administration would probably be useful for managing my own business but for a job I know I’d want to be so picky about who I work for that I’m a bit worried about spending too much time and money investing in that training program. IT is a little more up my alley but like welding, I don’t think I’d want to do it all that long. Medical assisting seems like it could be fun with the right company but pretty much is guaranteed to be fast paced and stressful. Another college I applied for has a Veterinary Technician program which sounds AWESOME. Earlier today I decided I would apply for the program and if a decent job didn’t work out before fall I would just go back to school to get that certification and then be a Vet Tech while I get my pilots license. Then I discovered that the campus is about 50 miles away. Haven’t figured out how to make that work yet…

In an effort to do some work more in line with my heart’s desires, I applied for a job as a Doggie Daycare Attendant. I spent a couple hours preparing my resume for that specific position and they didn’t accept resumes with the application… Oh well, it made the application easier. I’m going there tomorrow to introduce myself and try to make a good impression. As well as case the place. You never know… I have a strong value system when it comes to handling animals and this place might not align with it, but I went through their whole website and I’m pretty hopeful about it.

This evening I cooked mashed potatoes and gravy. I sauteed onions, garlic, and mushrooms in coconut oil, then I added some starchy water from the potatoes, soy strips, most of a can of coconut cream, and a bunch of spices that I thought smelled nice together. I simmered the gravy for a couple hours. I added a small amount of coconut cream to the mashed potatoes. The gravy turned out ok. Nothing special really. The mashed potatoes are AMAZING! These are Alaskan potatoes; probably grown about 50 miles away(probably around the corner from that college campus that I’m wishing was closer…).

The introspection today wasn’t quite as targeted as it was yesterday. The major revelation I had 1. Do school for Vet Tech. 2. Get job as Vet Tech. 3. Get a pilot license. was based a deep feeling about what I want to prioritize in my life. I’ve been studying coding quite a bit, but the most exciting part about coding for me is getting to share my projects with other people(once I get beyond practice projects I will start sharing here). Thinking about being a Medical Assistant or continuing to pursue EKG interpretation made me think about how I want to interact with people. I want to help people and I know I can develop the skills necessary to do so but I foresee that environment having debilitating effects on me. If I get started there I think I would want to switch to a smaller company as quickly as possible. Another way I like to spend my time is helping animals. I’ve tried as an amateur dog trainer at various times with mixed success. I started out my training the right way and quickly got ahold of some of the “be the dog” material out there… Eventually, many years later, I rediscovered how much better it is to “be the human.” I think working at a daycare environment where I’m not zeroing in on specific behaviors with problem dogs but instead working with a generally good group and just maintaining order, will be a very good experience for me. Anyway, that sort of thinking is what got me onto thinking I should be a Vet Tech. I’m a lot more confident helping the other animals than I am at helping humans. Probably because I’ve screwed it up so much.

A good friend of mine landed himself in the hospital this evening. Nothing life threatening but he has been having a hard time lately and this doesn’t help things much. I hope he gets better soon. He has a big trip coming up soon and I really hope he gets to go.

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